Poker Movies And Some Memorable Quotes - Who Remembers These Two?

Remarkably there have been very few Poker movies over most recent years, never mind good ones that were brimming with all the action and nostalgia that one would expect. Here are a couple that may stick in the mind, who can remember some of the best quotes in these movies, time to see 'how good the memory is' time!

Kaleidescope - 1966 - Staring: Warren Beatty & Susannah York

Looking at Poker movies from the sixties, Shirley MacLaine's, younger brother Warren Beatty without a doubt had the kind of reputation that every guy envies, that of a guy's guy, or ladies' man.

In this neat little 1966 thriller, Beatty plays a guy called Barney Lincoln, a lying, scheming lovable scoundrel who completely sidesteps conventional 'wisdom' when it comes to cheating at Poker. His plan is breaking into the card factory where the cards are made!

The plan's to mark the printing plates with a code that only he can read & with a beautiful dame thrown in for good measure along with a little Scotland Yard intrigue, the high stakes fun is off and running.

With Beatty's boyish good looks and charisma, he easily finds his way into the audiences hearts. This "swinging 60's movie with its cheesy charm associated with the era may also be remembered for its memorable quote, who could forget it as Beatty's asked: "We'll have some tea, Mr. Lincoln. Would you like scones or sticky buns?" "Sticky buns, of course." Beatty replies.

A Big Hand For The Little Lady - 1966 - Henry Fonda & Joanne Woodward

Although also hitting the screens in 1966, there's very little of the swinging sixties in evidence here, that's for sure! The audience is swept back to the good ole Wild West and as this amusing little comedy gets underway, they're introduced to an impoverished farmer in the guise of the ageless Henry Fonda.

Fonda and his family are making their arduous journey to the flourishing valleys of California, but along the way encounter a Poker game loaded with the wealthiest guys in the West. Although Poker's not his game, and the family's fortune is dwindling, he decides to try his luck, there's not much left they can lose.

Turning over his cards to a monster hand, it's all too much as he collapses with a heart attack. Enter wife Joanne Woodward to kick off some splendid exciting table action as she endeavours to save the family from the scrapheap.

Can she keep up with the wealthiest of the wealthiest, beat them at their own game and save her family? - Remember her memorable Poker movies quote? She: "Now look, mister, the first rule of the game of poker, whether you're playing Eastern or Western rules, or the kind they play at the North Pole, is put up or shut up!" - Who can forget!

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